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Year 3 - Phase 2

Welcome to the Year 3 page for Constable, Turner and Riley classes!

Our big question for Autumn 2 is...


Bronze or Iron?

Our class read for this half term will be

Take a look at this Bronze Age News video by Horrible Histories to find out how it all began.

Our big question for Autumn 1 is...


How did people survive the Stone Age?

Get ready for an historical journey back to cavemen days where we will discover who lived during these times and what they did to survive.


Here are a few websites connected with this term’s learning: 

Prehistory | Educational Video for Kids

Can you imagine living in prehistoric times?😲 Let's have a look at how our ancestors used to live!👉SUBSCRIBE TO HAPPY LEARNING!

Our Current Topic!


This half term we will become history detectives, discovering how the Stone Age progressed into the Bronze and Iron ages and the exciting changes that happened during this period of time.


Have a look at the links below to find out more about what we'll be learning!

Museum of London

Still image for this video
This short video gives you some information about why the Bronze Age is called the Bronze Age and tells you how people alive then began to and use molten metal to make things.