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Our Rewards Systems



We all like to be told that we are doing well and, at Ordsall Primary School, we have many ways to say "Well done" to our children, so that they are rewarded for all their efforts. At Ordsall we concentrate on doing better than the day, hour, minute, or even the year before and we know that we can't always get everything right, but to make steps of progress in everything is the way we work and what we like to reward. This means that we reward our children at Ordsall for all sorts of things like; reading at home, practising their spellings, having a go at some homework, their attendance at school, the work that they do in lessons, the way that they are to each other and the adults in our school, if they achieve their target or if they have done something fantastic but most off all we like to reward our children for being the best that they can be. We use stickers, charts, certificates and, most importantly of all, spoken and written praise to show how much we value the efforts of everyone in our school. We love to give a thumbs up and a well done! yes



Team Points

Everyone is in a team at Ordsall Primary School because it encourages us to work together as one. You may be in Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury or Saturn.  You can then earn team points for behaviour, attitude, effort, contribution and achievement in school. Some of the key ways to earn points are:

  • Reading at home 3 times a week and having signed in their planner
  • Practicing their weekly spellings in their planner
  • Contributing in lessons with answers and ideas
  • Achieving their self and peer assessed gradings
  • Achieving the Star Of The Week status
  • Being awarded a brick in the wall on our annual wall of success


As well as these key ways the teachers in school will also award team points for a range of things in class. This could be the presentation of the work, the improvement in work, the way in which children behave in one aspect of our code of conduct or by delivering and demonstrating one, some or more of the Fundamental Values in our school.


These points are added to your team tally chart in your classroom so that you and your team in class can all contribute to the overall team across the school.  At the end of every calendar month we add up all the points to find the children with the highest individual points total, the team winner in every class and then the team winner across the whole school because "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". As each month passes the scoreboard in the hall is changed, as each team earns a planet. By the the end of the year we have a winner across Phase 2 and 3 of our school and a number of children who are in the "more than 3" group. In order to be in this group the individual monthly winners count up their certificates across the school year and if they have more than 3 certificates they go out for a special lunch and game of bowling with some of the senior teachers in school. 


At the end of the school year everyone in the team with the most monthly wins goes on a trip to the seaside for the day.













Due to COVID-19, in 2021 the winning team had a Mystery Day out as their reward and our Monthly winner received a Gift card as their reward.


Star of the Week

At Ordsall Primary School we have Stars of the Week and Stars of The Day. Every week we announce our Stars of The Week in assembly so that we share in everyone's success. We ask all our teachers to look closely at the children in their class to see who has shown the qualities that would make them a Star at Ordsall across the week. It could be their:

  • Attitude to their learning and to others
  • Productivity in their learning and their work
  • Behaviour in class or around our school
  • Commitment to their learning and to the ethos of our school
  • Contribution to the class and to the learning of others
  • Effort into everything that they have done because to give 100% is all we ask
  • Achievement in a second, a minute, a day or across the week  


We also look at how the Star qualities we are looking for link to the Fundamental British Values that we learn about every day in school using our special hand and we will give rewards for that too.


When each new week arrives, and we have all aspired to be the best that we can be, we award our special Star of the Week certificates and stickers. Any child who becomes Star of The Week receives a special certificate to go on the wall in our special assembly, their parents/carers will receive a golden text to say that their child has achieved it and "Star Status" earns 3 team points for every star and their team. In our Star of the Week Assembly we finish with a message:



The Wall of Success

The Wall Of Success at Ordsall Primary School reflects the ethos that we have, that "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". Every week children who have achieved something remarkable are rewarded with a "brick in the wall". This wall then grows from nothing to become a symbol of our collective achievements in that year.  The brick records their name and their achievement and it stays on our Wall of Success for the rest of the year. Parents and carers receive a golden text to say their child is on our wall but we leave it to the children to talk about why they are there and what they did to achieve the status. The brick in our Ordsall Wall brings the child 3 team points which goes to help their team and themselves to achieve the best that they can and be the best that they can be. 



At Ordsall Primary School we all know that attendance matters. Each week the children's attendance is looked at very closely and we reward the classes who have achieved their target for attendance or who have the highest attendance across the week. All classes have an attendance target of 97% because we know that attendance above this level gives you the best chance of success.


At our school we link our attendance rewards with our work on Fundamental British Values and, most specifically, our work on democracy. The class with the highest attendance have to work together to select their reward by discussing ideas about what the reward could be, whether they should take the reward or whether they should "bank it" and then vote and reach a democratic decision about what they do. The reward ladder works like this:

  1. If you get the highest attendance you gain 10 minutes of reward time
  2. If you beat the 96% target you get another 5 minutes added to the 10 minutes
  3. If you achieve 100% then you get another 10 minutes added to the 15 minutes

The children then decide what they do with their total reward. They can use it or bank it and they can bank up to 1 hour of reward time. 

At the end of the year we also reward the children for their attendance by awarding trophies and trips out to recognise their good attendance because we know that better attendance leads to better learning which can lead to a better future.