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Internet safety

We all use the internet every day at home, at school and when we go out. Lots of pieces of equipment in our homes will use the internet and because of this it is really important we know how to safely access the web. We may use tablets, laptops, games consoles and phones but do we know how to safely use the internet?

Here are a few tips as to things you can do to stay safe online:

  • Only go on websites and apps which are designed for your age and approved by your parent or carer.
  • Only speak to people on the internet who you know. Remember, just because they say they are your friend, this doesn’t mean they will always be doing the right thing!
  • Tell a responsible adult if you have any worries or if you see anything that upsets on the internet.
  • Don’t give away your personal information such as where you live or your name – keep that to yourself!
  • If you have a message from someone who you don’t know, just delete it and tell an adult. It could contain viruses which may harm your device.
  • Be SMART!

Safer Schools Introduction for Parents

National Online Safety present the 'Online Reputation Song'

We've teamed up with the insanely talented Dan and Sam from 'Musicalternative' and their superstar pupils from Our Lady & St Josephs Primary School to bring you 'The Online Reputation Song'. Listen, enjoy and share!