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Update to Child Protection Policy  

March 2020

If a child is on our role, staff have been instructed to continue to record any concerns/ incidents on CPOMs. School staff will be manning all sessions, no volunteers are in school at present. If this changes we will readdress the situation. Staff are aware that reports should be made immediately. Children from other settings may attend, if this is the case we will follow our normal procedures. Any concerns will be recorded in writing, acted upon and passed to the relevant agencies. The child’s school will be informed as soon as possible.

Normal signing in procedures will operate during the closure period and DBS checks made as normal.

In light of the current situation in schools, we have made the following amendments which will apply in addition to our normal procedures:

  • We will act upon any updated advice received from the local 3 safeguarding partners.
  • Any updated advice received from local authorities regarding children with education, health and care (EHC) plans, the local authority designated officer and children’s social care, reporting mechanisms, referral thresholds and children in need will be considered.
  • Rebecca Frost (senior DSL) and Debra Perry (deputy DSL) will continue to be in school or contactable by phone at all times.
  • CPOMs will be monitored constantly and any concerns raised will be acted upon.
  • Rebecca Frost and Debra Perry will continue to work with social workers, virtual schools and all other outside agencies as necessary and appropriate. All meetings, including social care meetings will be held over the phone and recorded in the same way.
  • Staff in school will continue to maintain vigilance of the children in school with regards to all policies named in the current Child Protection policy.
  • If staff members raise a concern about another member of staff then the usual arrangements would still apply.

Senior leaders, including DSLs (and deputies) know who their most vulnerable children are and have the flexibility to offer a place to those on the edges of receiving children’s social care support. Therefore, we have put the following arrangements in place:

  • Most vulnerable children in school identified and offered a place in school alongside the children of Keyworkers.
  • All those children identified as needing some support over the school closure period have been placed on a call list and prioritised to receive 1-3 daily (maximum of once every three days), weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls. This includes, children on the ELSA list and SEND.
  • Children on FSM have been contacted with offered a lunch each day until the time when the school can issue vouchers.

Online safety continues to be a priority.

  • In school, normal filters on ICT equipment continue to be in place. This will be monitored by Orchestrate IT.
  • Remote learning will be monitored by the home school learning team and over seen by Bradley Fenton.
  • Any concerns raised will be reported in the usual way.
  • Information made available to parents and carers about online safety through the school website, Twiter and Facebook.
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