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Parental Questionnaire Summary

In February 2020 we completed our annual questionnaire for parents and carers who have registered pupils who attend Ordsall Primary School. This year, the school used the latest questionnaire accessed by registered parents/carers during an OFSTED inspection. There were 324 responses returned and so the outcomes give us a really accurate picture of parents and carers thoughts and views. Some parents/carers also wrote their views onto the questionnaires and, because there was no "not applicable" category, many responded to tell us that their child had never been bullied or that their child was not SEND.


From previous years' responses from parents/carers we have changed the way in which we write our end of year reports, what information we share at Parent Consultations, how we reward the children and how we give homework. Your input really makes a difference at Ordsall.


Some hand written comments this year included:

"Activities for children/parents could be at later time for working parents", a Foundation Stage parent/carer.

"I love this school.  I have no problems at all and I’m happy with all aspects here," a Phase 2 parent/carer.

"Cannot fault the school for the support and understanding that me and our children receive. Keep up the good work," a parent/carer from Phase 2 and 3.

"I’d like to see more places available in after school activities," a Phase 2 parent/carer.

"The support the school and all staff give to pupils and parents is brilliant.  Could not ask for more," a Phase 2 parent/carer.

"As a family we are very happy with all areas of OPS.  All staff are always happy to help and provide support when needed.  Thank you," a parent/carer from phases 2 and 3. 





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