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Foundation 1 - Phase 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)


    Kandinsky Class                                   Klee Class



Foundation Stage 1 Teacher: Mrs Brown

Kandinsky Key Workers: Mrs Brown, Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Jones and Mrs Spooner

Klee Key Workers: Miss Hamilton-Clark and Mrs MacIntyre          

Here at Ordsall Primary School we have two nursery classes known as Foundation Stage 1 (FS1), each of our classes are named after an artist. We have Kandinsky and Klee Classes.

Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation stage 2 make up Phase 1 EYFS at Ordsall.

Our Foundation Stage 1 classes are classes of 3 and 4 year olds beginning their journey here at Ordsall Primary School. Kandinsky Class is our 15hr provision and Klee Class is our 30hr provision.


Let’s Learn!

We love to play and learn in FS1. We have a wonderful indoor and outdoor learning environment with a balance of child initiated and adult led learning taking place each day.

We love to learn through our play!

Our FS1 Indoor Learning Environment Kandinsky Class

Our FS1 Indoor Learning Environment Klee Class

Our FS1 Outdoor Learning Environment

Learning in Foundation Stage 1

If you would like to see what we learn about in Foundation Stage 1 please click on our

Long term topic plan


Click on our Contextualised Plans which will give you some more detail.


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Thank you for taking the time to find out about Foundation Stage 1