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Ordsall Primary School



What is FOOPS?

Friends of Ordsall Primary School (FOOPS) is a registered charity which raises funds that are used to benefit our pupils by providing facilities that would not otherwise be provided by the Local Education Authority.


What are the funds used for?

Over the years we have helped to provide sports kit, playground equipment, stage lighting, a sound system, gazebos and more. Most recently we have contributed to the school’s computing suite.


Who are FOOPS?

Every parent is a member of FOOPS and every member of staff is an honorary member. We rely on parents, volunteers and friends...without you it just wouldn’t be possible.


How do I get involved?

You already are! Every time your child brings in a donation or dresses-up for a non-uniform day you are helping us to raise funds. We really appreciate all the support you give us but if you would like to do more come along to one of our meetings, new faces are always welcome!


How can I find out when the next meeting will be held?

We meet throughout the year in term time during the school day and also in the evening. Meetings are promoted in a number of ways, look out for Parent Diary, the noticeboards, our calendar of events and flyers.


What happens at a meeting?

Everyone gets together to discuss the various ways we can raise funds for the school. We hold a number of events throughout the year including Bingo Nights, the Summer Fayre and Christmas Fayre so there is always lots to plan for. Come along and share your ideas with us and better still volunteer to help out.  


Who can I contact to find out more?

Debra Perry - 01777 702852