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“If something does happen then it gets sorted straight away so that it does not go any further”.

(Phase 3 child  November 2021)

What could be bullying?

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At Ordsall Primary School we are United Against Bullying and  take any form of bullying very seriously. We deal with the issues of bullying in many different ways including, as part of our RSHE curriculum, our assemblies and through the Anti-bullying and internet safety days that occur during the year. The school has a robust Anti-Bullying Policy and implements it consistently across the school. 


The definition of bullying at Ordsall Primary School is taken from the Anti-Bullying Alliance:


"The repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological. It can happen face to face or through cyberspace."



What do we mean by an imbalance of power in bullying?

The Anti-Bullying Alliance happens where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. This short clip describes what we mean by 'an imbalance of power'.

At Ordsall Primary School we are United Against Bullying - click to play

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Each year Ordsall Primary School participates in the Anti-Bullying Alliance's Anti-Bullying Week. The themes for Anti-Bullying Week in recent years have been:

  • ‘Change Starts With Us.’ 
  • "Choose Respect Over Bullying"
  • "United Against Bullying"
  • "Choose Kindness"


In school we use these weeks to highlight some of the issues that can arise in school and reinforce how we can tackle bullying, when it happens. In school we discuss all different types of bullying and celebrate what makes each person special as we "play, learn and grow together" because, at Ordsall Primary School:


By Growing Together we will.......

Know that we all have the same rights and needs

Develop integrity and an understanding of what is right and wrong

Develop tolerance and acceptance of people's individual characteristics

Inspire others and celebrate every achievement

Work together, in partnership, as a wider community of learners AND

Achieve and Aspire to be the “best that they can be”


The theme for the last Anti-Bullying Week was One Kind Word.



The Anti-Bullying Alliance provides us with many different resources we use in school and if you would like to see more of the resources available please go to the Anti-Bullying Alliance

Andy and the Odd Socks with "One Kind Word" - click to play

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Below are some resources that you may find helpful that we use in school.

Kindness Means Something

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Topsy and Tim Help a Friend | Story Time | Anti Bullying Video 

Topsy and Tim help a friend in this Story Time episode. When Topsy and Tim discover that their friend Stevie is being bullied, they try to find the best way to help him at school. Click the link below to watch the video. 







BBC Bitesize-

3  clips

  1. From Bully to best friend - A young girl who was being bullied by her friend explains how eventually she found the courage to confide in a teacher and how the situation was dealt with. Since then the bully has seen the error of her ways and as a result is now a friendly, pleasant and polite person who everybody likes.
  2. Playground buddies - This report introduces us to playground buddies whose job it is to make sure all children are involved in playtime and to try to solve any problems pupils may have. It also shows how massage in the classroom, accompanied by soft music and pictures, can relieve tension in the children when they go out onto the playground. Finally, we are introduced to mediators, children who volunteer for the task of being the sounding board for any problems children may have. Children often prefer this to confiding in a teacher.
  3. What is a bully -Several children provide an introduction to bullying. There are two types of bullying - emotional bullying (excluding people and unkind remarks) and physical bullying (violence). The children explain the effects of bullying on them and how it makes them feel. 


Choose Kindness!

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Just be You....Wear Blue!

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Bullying Within Friendship Groups

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Online Safety and Cyber-Bullying

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