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School Gateway and School Meals (IMPORTANT)

As you are aware, we have moved from a cash collection system for school dinners to payment being made via the School Gateway.  From 1st September, parents MUST pay and select their child's meal choice via the Gateway. 

Please refer to the letter sent out to parents at the end of the summer term.  A copy of this letter can be found in the News section of this website together with instructions on how to register on the School Gateway.

Thank you to those parents who returned the pupil information sheet to enable us to update your details on our school management system.  You should be able to register on the gateway to make meal selections and payments.  If, however, we do not have your email address and mobile number on our system, you will not be able to register.  It is essential therefore that should you attempt to register and receive a message saying that your details are not recognised, please email the school immediately on with details of your current mobile number, email and your child's name so that we can update our management system.

A member of our admin team will be monitoring emails over the weekend and before the children return on Wednesday and will be updating our management system regularly.  You will be emailed as soon as the changes relating to your child(ren) have been made so that you can register.


Children in FS2 will continue to receive the Red option - no payment required

Children in Y1 and Y2 will chose from the 3 colour options - no payment required

Children in Y3, Y4, Y4 & Y6 will chose from the 3 colour options - payment is required unless entitled to free school meals.